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I guess we need a page that is a list of

Name of store item
1. what it will achieve
2. cost
3. conditions/restrictions about purchase

also, attached to every object in the store but invisible to the player:

1.amount that a purchase affects its cost next turn (market prices change based on popularity)
2. amount that no purchase lowers its cost next turn
3. minimum price the game will allow
4. maximum price

that is linked to a function that creates a shopping cart, so that you can select things you want to buy but not commit to them right away. Then, when you are ready, you can buy it all at once.




move territory: (delete an existing square of territory and add a new one anywhere, as long as it is adjacent to your current territory.) [10]
expand territory: (add territory without deleting a square) [50]
delete territory: [10]

create and name a new mutation with bonus +0 [24]
give that new mutation +10 attack or defense against a primary mutation [78]
give that new mutation +10 attack or defense against a secondary mutation [14]
give that new mutation +10 attack or defense against another player-designed mutation [22] purchase an already existing mutation =

[mutation name] [cost]
[mutation name] [cost]
[mutation name] [cost]


+5 boost to a mutation bonus (vs a primary mutation) that you already have had for at least one turn by [18]
+5 boost to a mutation bonus (vs a non-primary mutation) that you already have had for at least one turn [10]

add +.05 to size of litter (reproduction) [90] max: twice per turn

add new player managed species to your list of edibles [103, or 150 if you already have 5 or more prey] condition: cannot be your predator. If species choose each other as edibles on the same turn, only then can they mutually eat each other.
add new fixed resource to your list of edibles (leaves, oreos, etc.) to your diet [103, or 163 if you already have 5 or more prey]


reduce a mutation bonus by -5. You cannot go below -40. Reproductionsubtract -.05 from reproduction rate max: twice per turn. You cannot go below 0. Metabolism
remove a prey species from your diet [+15]
Extinct prey is NOT automaticaly removed for you. You may keep extinct prey in your diet if you so desire.


if (_availableFunds) - (_shoppingCartTotalCost) < 0 print "you don't have enough funds to purchase everything. Please change your order." Cancel finalizeShoppingCartOrder and return to _shoppingCart

Let _availableFunds = (_availableFunds) - (_shoppingCartTotalCost)

For each item in the shopping cart, add a new attribute and/or change values depending on what was purchased.


RULE: every turn, you receive points to spend at the store.

(Used to be that the species that is thriving the most receives the least points, those nearing extinction receive more points to help them survive, but this may not be a good rule. The "Kill the Leader" problem was a real drag in our first iteration. You'd start to do well, then everyone would gang up on you AND you'd have fewer points. Maybe everyone gets the same amount of points per turn. There could be bonus points for species in trouble, and if you have certain trophies.)

note about mutations: you cannot create attacks and defenses vs. other species, only vs. other mutations. For example, if you want to create "armor" because a "saber-toothed tiger" is eating you, which has the mutations "scraggly" and "giant teeth," then create "armor" which gives a defensive bonus against either "scraggly" or "giant teeth"

also, you can remove (sell) some abilities to GAIN points.

RULE: Once you have a mutation, you can never loose it. (The reason for this is that last game it was too big of an advantage for the leading species to sell off a mutation, thus giving its prey no defenses against predation. The results were too drastic.)

You can, however, sell the bonuses to get more points.

The following prices are based on each player getting 100 pts a turn.

COSTS That change over time:

RULE: As the game progresses, it will quickly get more expensive to boost mutations against one of the three primary mutations. That will create an incentive to have more, newer mutations. (note: I changed the terminology from "fixed" mutation to "primary" mutation, and from "player-designed" mutation to "secondary" mutation.)

the cost of anything goes up every time someone buys it, so that popular mutations become more expensive. If nobody spends anything on a given mutation during a turn, the price falls. It doesn't fall as much as it goes up, though. Each store item will have its own shifting market price.


Daddy Tang's magic whoop ass belt (attack vs slobbery)

cost to acquire [50]

add: +5 bonus [10]

reduce: -5 bonus [gain 5]

In our first iteration, the player managed the diet allocation of a species. My current thinking is that the new map function will be more important, and the program will give you your best possible diet allocation based on what is in range and what you are most successful at eating. You could have the option to make certain adjustments to your diet. For example, give preference to monkeys over toads. You can't eradicate an entire species unless your territory completely covers theirs, because they are always spread out over their species.