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General Description:

The Evolution game is a turn based game (although it's easy to imagine a more arcade style version.) It's not a very visual game, it's more conceptual. Each player creates a species, names it, selects a funny picture for it, and then gets randomly assigned some basic "mutations". The player manages the species by choosing what the species will try to eat, and what new mutations it will develop to help it hunt or defend itself. When you gain new mutations, you can name them and decide what they do. A market of sorts develops for different mutations which have different "prices" based on how popular and or useful they are. You get points to spend each turn to invest in your species, and to change your diet and location. There will probably be some map component to add spatial strategy as well. So a foodchain is created... species compete for "fixed" resources like grass, and also prey on each other (any given two species can only have a predator/prey relationship - they can't both eat each other.) There is the potential for symbiotic relationships to develop, as well as side effects of various behavior. Once the foodchain is created, it's a mad dash to avoid extinction.

The point of the game is to try and 1) figure out how the variables interact (like playing sim city the first time) and 2) try to outcompete your friends. But there is also kind of a fun 3) amuse each other with absurd names, mutations, bios and obits.


If, at the end of a turn (maybe not allow anyone to win for the first 5 turns) a player has something like 5 trophies, they win the game.

1. largest current population last turn
2. most that ever lived (all-time)
3. most offensive mutations
4. most defensive mutations
5. highest total of all attack bonuses
6. highest total of all defensive bonuses
7. lowest birthrate (let's award that instead of highest)
8. meanest bully (highest differential between attack and defense vs a single prey)
9. Most wiley prey (highest defense vs one species)
10. most varied diet.
11. Least varied diet
12. most fixed resources consumed (last turn)
13. most fixed resources consumed (all-time)
14. most player species consumed (last turn)
15. most player species consumed (all time)